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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
So a bunch of people got sick vaping contraband THC vape cartridges. Sounds like a perfect reason to ban Tooty Fruity nicotine vape juice.
"Many, though not all, of the patients who have fallen ill had used cannabis-derived vaping products, and some had also used nicotine-containing products. A smaller group reported using nicotine only."
Originally Posted by Broomstick
Vaping has been around for awhile now, which leads to the question why the sudden appearance of lung disease now?

Of course, it may only appear sudden, there could have been diagnosed cases for some time now.
Another concern: while acute or subacute lung injury from vaping constituents has been found, there's also a serious concern about slowly developing long-term effects that might manifest many years down the line.

My advice to aspiring pathologists: do a fellowship in pulmonary pathology. Your expertise will come in handy later on (those considering a career as pulmonologists should also take heart - while your business model will take a hit as smoking continues to decline, you'll probably be able to make up some of the difference on vaping-related chronic lung disease.