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The aforementioned Marbles has The Stinkiest Poops Ever. He’ll come out of the Poopatorium looking proud of himself. By the time my wife and I get a whiff, his brother Bowda’ar will have come into the area.

“Bo, can you please bury for your asshole brother?”

He looks at us with a surprisingly human teenaged look, and then goes in and buries. He’s a good son.

Pippin used to sneeze a fair bit, and of course, I’d always say “bless you!” One say I sneezed, and he looked at me and mewed, “raa-raow” in the same sing-song tone I use. Ever since then, he’d always meow if I sneezed or sniffled.

The sister Samhain, Queen of Tortietude, will get excited when certain traditional Irish songs are played (specifically “The Hills of Connemara”). She’ll run up for skritches, and poof her tail. Only cat I’ve ever met who goes full poof when happy.

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