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Originally Posted by Banquet Bear View Post
...there is no mention of "woke SJW's" in either case. How are woke SJW's related to this case?
The people supporting Harvard are the woke SJWs. They are the ones telling asians that they are racist for opposing anti-asian discrimination.

I am no threat to affirmative action, I can assure you.
I never said you were.

I haven't dismissed any concerns of anti-asian discrimination.
Good for you, I never said you did.

Not even fucking close.
Do you seriously still not understand which case I am talking about after I linked all the court documents? Because that was your questions:

"...what lawsuit?"

Then I said the lawsuit against harvard.

Then you asked me to be more specific. Are you still confuised about which lawsuit I am talking about or have you shifted to debating the fact that most of the people who are defensing Harvard are woke SJWs?

Because i don't a study I can cite.

I can provide a list of examples, starting with the amicus briefs in the harvard case and articles by woke SJWs, Netflix shows about how asians are the worst kinds of americans for fighting against anti-asian discrimination, varoious nthreads on this board where the woke SJW crowd waffles between accusations of racism and flat out denial that there is any discrimination going on.

Do YOU believe that harvard is or may be discriminating against asians in the admissions process?