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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
Let me walk you through the logic here:

1) You start a thread about how Asians feel disenchanted with liberals because they believe baizuo want to use AA to discriminate against Asian-Americans in some convoluted attempt to prove white supremacy is why black and Latinos canít succeed. Or something.
If you are muddling your way through the first part then you are not going to get any of the rest of this.

It is very important to understand how much the woke SJW crowd has invested in the notion that all the racial disparity is STILL due to racism (in this case white supremacy) and pretty much ONLY racism. See Critical race theory.

And now it has become racist to imply that the URM community might be able to do something to improve its own situation. See how to be an anti-racist.

2) I then point out that Asian-Americans have a misplaced focus on AA; most of the discrimination occurs outside of AA.
I think you are projecting. Where do I blame AA, or focus on it. It seems to me that YOU are the one that is focused on AA. You are the one that sees anti-asian discrimination through the prism of what effect fightintg anti-asian discrimination might have on AA. You, not me.

When black and Latino students are constantly the go-to examples for unfairness, if reveals a racially biased mindset taken straight out of white Republican playbooks. ďBaizuoĒ smacks of the same.
When did I do that? AFAICT, I mention the unjustly admitted white students far more frequently than AA admits. It seems that once again you are projecting YOUR issues.

3) Your response to this is to then deny that Asian-Americans are focused on AA. Which obviously makes no sense, since this very thread is [I]about baizuo and their ideological position on AA.
Yes, their focus on AA, like yours, blinds them to any arguments that might pose any sort of potential threat to AA even if it means discrimination against asians. Asians are not opposed to AA. They just think the baizuo who oppose addressing anti-asian discrimination because they THINK it might pose some sort of potential threat to AA are actually being racist against asians.

Thatís what youíre saying is all the talk on the internets, right? That reveals the fixation that Iím talking about.
The fixation is yours. The fixation is on the part of the baizuo. We'd like to get AA out of the conversation, it is keeping people who would otherwise oppose anti-asian discrimination from doing so. Because they are afraid that in the process of achieving fairness for asians, we might create an argument against AA.

THEY are the ones talking about AA, not us. Pretty much every amicus brief is talking about AA. The lawsuit barely mentions it. Almost every article opposing the lawsuit talks about AA. The supporters spend all their time trying to convince people it's not about AA, it's about anti-asian discrimination. But our woke SJW friends tell us that we are naive and being hoodwinked because of course this is about AA. They tell us that the white supremacists are only offering a short and temporary respite from discrimination by liberals in order to achieve a greater victory with our unwitting cooperation that will result in much more oppressive discrimination by conservatives..