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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
And I missed that there was a second page. My apologies for the redundancies.

One other thing: I do a LOT of highly selective college admissions work, and one thing I would add is that it is every bit as hard for a white, upper-middle class kid to get into a T20 as an Asian kid with the same stats. This doesn't show up in the data, because it doesn't distinguish between
  • Taylor, whose parents are a moderately successful lawyer and doctor and have a household income of $275K and who goes to "one of the best high schools in [flyover state]"
  • Jordan, whose parents are partners at a partners at their respective law firms and who make $850K/year and who went to Lawrence Academy

But I gotta tell you, it doesn't matter if Taylor is Asian or white. They will have to have cured cancer to get into Harvard. Jordan will not have to do nearly as much--Asian or white. The discrimination is toward sorta generic High Income, Low Wealth kids.
And yet places like Harvard have a higher threshhold for recruiting asians from flyover country compared to the white kids in [flyover flyover]. Why is there a higher threshhold for an asian student to be recruited based on their PSAT?