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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
It's not "woke SJWs" who are defending Harvard's admission policies -- it's rich white parents. Maybe some of them are liberal, but they're not defending Harvard because they're liberal... they're defending Harvard because they want to justify/rationalize special benefits for their kids.
So Janelle Wong, Julie Park, are white?

I am not sure where the narrative of the lawsuit being against AA started but the woke SJW crowd picked it up and ran with it. Unless you think discrimination against asians is a necessary element of AA, why would anyone reach this conclusion?

I am not sure where the condescending skepticism towards asian concerns came from but the woke SJW crowd picked it up and ran with it. If these allegation were made by any other minority and they had HALF the evidence that exists in this case, liberals would generally jerk their knee in support of the party alleging the discrimination. but not so with asians.

I am not sure where the notion that asians were naive pawns being manipulated by the white supremacists came from but the woke SJW crowd picked it up and ran with it. Why do white woke SJWs think that they need to come along and do our thinking for us? Why do they feel the need to whitesplain how we are being duped?

These woke SJWs were told the lawsuit was a direct attack on AA and they rallied to its defense and they entirely dismissed asian concerns because AA was being threatened. This is why it feels like asians are a juunior partner, why asians feel like there is a racial pecking order and we're fairly low down that pecking order.