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Originally Posted by kirkrapine View Post
Whether you earned it or inherited, there ought to be some limit on how rich you can be.
Why? Suppose some guy in Estonia is an Elon Musk style entrepreneur and has Einstein-like insights into nuclear fusion and figures out how to make fusion generators practical. It's a far-fetched hypothetical, but what limit should be placed on that person's future wealth? I'm thinking that a solution to climate change and worldwide cheap energy should be worth at least $1 trillion. What limit would you place on the wealth of someone who achieved such a remarkable breakthrough?

Some people are rich because they inherited their wealth. Everybody who's rich is so because they've been lucky enough to have circumstances favour them at one time or another. But most people who are rich are hard working, talented people who are at the top of their professions and figured out how to run their businesses better than their competitors. Often, their success is because they've had an innovative idea that and were the first person to ever market that idea. I want to live in a world that rewards innovation, and one where tremendously transformative innovation is rewarded tremendously.