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Originally Posted by kirkrapine View Post
It's either free will or determinism, and I think modern physics pretty much rules out determinism.
The thing is, the "no such thing as free will" guys will just say something like "how can the froth of randomness at the quantum level have implications for free will at the level of a mind?" without realizing the implication for how we're defining free will:

If an action is in theory predicable, that's not free will, they would say. But if it's unpredictable, but for reasons not based on knowledge or reasoning, that doesn't count either.

But how can we have unpredictable knowledge-based decisions? In a hypothetical universe with free will, how are free decisions made?

This is why I personally believe the whole topic is stupid: free will is being defined in this context in an incoherent / meaningless way. And it's equally meaningless to therefore say it doesn't exist.

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