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What's interesting about Rudd's departure is her confirmation of what has been strongly suspected: that Boris and his cohort are doing very little work on an actual deal and are instead devoting most of their resources to a no-deal Brexit. Naturally, this is the opposite of what Boris has said and continues to say, but then it's hard to find examples of Boris actually telling the truth about anything.

I have been pondering Boris's motivations in all this. Clearly he thought that he could bluff, bluster, bully and lie his way through his premiership the way he's done for the rest of his career, but it's becoming clear that regardless of the consequences Boris has one goal and one goal only: to push through a no-deal Brexit at any cost. Given that this cost includes his career and political reputation, I'm left to speculate wildly on why he's doing this. Certainly he'll probably make a few millions off Britain leaving the EU but that's not enough of a motivation to do what he's doing. Instead, I note that Boris has a number of extremely rich and powerful pro-Brexit backers, including the Barclays. One wonders whether they have some sort of carrot and/or stick arrangement going on, in that if Boris delivers he gets a significant payoff of some kind and/or if he doesn't they have major blackmail material against him (which, given what we already know, would have to be of the "live boy or dead girl" variety and possibly something overtly jailworthy).

I have no evidence for any of that, but frankly it's the only way I can make any sense out of his current scorched earth approach.