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Johnson tells Irish leader Brexit deal can be reached:
Speaking alongside Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in Dublin, Johnson said a deal on the Irish border question can be secured in time to enable a smooth British departure from the EU by the scheduled Brexit date.

He said a no-deal departure from the European Union would represent a “failure of statecraft” and that all sides would bear a responsibility for that.
No, not all sides. That's just a lie.
During his press conference with Varadkar, Johnson did not explain how the longstanding stalemate can be broken in a way that satisfies the other 27 EU leaders and would win backing in Britain’s Parliament, where his party no longer has a working majority.

Johnson has been criticized in Britain for not producing new plans to break the Brexit impasse, and Varadkar also said that Britain has not produced any realistic alternatives to the controversial “backstop” agreement reached by Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May.
Aye, because he's not ever been producing a new plan. There's zero evidence he was ever working on or going to try for a new plan.

Back when the GWB administration was pushing for the war with Iraq, I was befuddled by how my fellow Americans could be so stupid, naive and uninformed to believe what the Bush administration was saying, when all available evidence contradicted them.

Right now, I'm wondering the same thing about the people of the UK.

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