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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
No, not all sides. That's just a lie.
The EU's approach to negotiation has been pretty poor, refusing to negotiate before Article 50 was triggered, and also refusing to renegotiate after May's deal was rejected by Parliament, not to mention the refusal to make the last extension as long as was requested.

It's probably correct to say that the majority of the blame lies on the UK's side, but not all of it. Not only has the EU done nothing proactive (at least publicly) to keep the UK in the EU, it's made the negotiations far harder than necessary.

Just to give a couple of examples, Varadkar has said he wouldn't negotiate Ireland's position with Johnson while he was there, and the EU has said there will be no negotiation at the upcoming summit. This inflexibility and bureaucracy gets to the heart of the UK's problems with the EU, and whilst I don't believe it's worth leaving over - especially with no deal - it is something that really needs to be fixed.