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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
the EU refusing to negotiate properly are playing into his hands,.
The EU have not "refused to negotiate properly". If anything, the EU have bent over backwards to facilitate negotiations with the UK. What the EU has not done - and this has been characterised by the Leave campaign as "bullying" - is catered to every whim of a side that came to the negotiating table without a coherent position or any negotiating leverage, set a timetable it couldn't keep and signed up to a deal that nobody at home wanted. The EU have agreed to extensions, have been transparent about their own position and have overall acted in good faith, but they are not going to give concessions to the UK just because a bunch of overgrown toddlers keep stamping their feet and complaining about how mean the EU are being to them.

This whole Brexit fiasco has been conducted in the worst possible way, and none of that is the EU's fault.

ETA: And Boris' blatant attempt to "divide and conquer" by negotiating directly with Varadkar is not a sign of "inflexibility and bureaucracy"; it's a sign that Boris once again tried to game the system and got smacked down for it.

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