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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in the same position in 2019 as Joe Biden was in 1973. Both elected to Congress at the age of 29. Unless she decides to run for president immediately once she turns of age (and wins) I suspect you'd want her to have as long a career as he has because if she does then she'll have accomplished an agenda you want.
I am an AOC fan. I like where she chooses to focus her attention and I love the energy and passion she brings to the table. That being said, if/when the time comes where she cannot or will not bring the energy and passion or her agenda changes from "how can we move forward" to "how can we maintain the status quo" I would hope that she is self aware enough to realize it's time to walk away and hand the reins off to someone younger, more energetic and passionate with an agenda that looks toward the future. Hopefully she will be able to step aside with grace and work to help guide the next generations instead of trying to "rule" the next generations in a manner that is all to common these days.

I'm in my mid-forties now and I have often found myself apathetic to the voting process as it has often felt like a choice between a hodgepodge of old people who are more interested in forcing others to live by their rules and don't give a shit about anything the younger generation(s) care about. If we want more young people to actively and enthusiastically participate in the democratic process we need to give them the space and opportunity to get involved and create their own agenda. And the only way to create the necessary space is to force the older generation to walk away.

I know this is probably coming off as ageism and I do apologize for that. But in my opinion, after you reach a certain age you need to face the uncomfortable fact that the future does not belong to you and you shouldn't be the one to decide how we get there.