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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
Yes, and I know this is a thread to complain about the tweets, but I'm just saying: if the worst he's done on the taliban thing is tweet something idiotic, then this is about as good as it gets. I'll take that over him tweeting something actually dangerous and/or offensive, or doing or saying anything.
The bar just keeps getting lower and lower, doesn't it?

Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
But in fact The Economist, and other news agencies, were already reporting about peace talks with the taliban being set up before Trump's tweets on the matter. And they are now reporting about what is currently being done to try to reboot the process.
So he's not making the whole thing up. Though yes, it's always possible that he heard grown-ups talking about something and decided to season the facts with his own brand of bullshit and/or didn't understand.
Originally Posted by jsc1953 View Post
He probably saw a Taliban peace deal as another shot at a Nobel Peace Prize. I just wonder how he was convinced to cancel.
Listen to yourselves, people! This is the level of normalcy that this craziness has sunk to! We're (I'll include myself) speculating that the so-called president MADE UP this whole Taliban meeting thing! Maybe yes, maybe no, but we all know he is CAPABLE of making up such a thing because most every word out of his mouth (or thumbs) is a LIE.

Anyway, I say he made it up, because otherwise it would have been set to be held at one of his properties.
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