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Originally Posted by BeagleJesus View Post
I'm in my mid-forties now and I have often found myself apathetic to the voting process as it has often felt like a choice between a hodgepodge of old people who are more interested in forcing others to live by their rules and don't give a shit about anything the younger generation(s) care about.
I used to think it was a generational gap that was the problem, but the older I get, the more I'm thinking that the real problem is that politicians' first duty (as they perceive it) is to get re-elected and/or enrich themselves, or recently with the Tea Partiers, loyalty to a specific ideology.

So you get elected officials whose goals often run counter to what's best for their constitutents, either because they're busy doing what's best for themselves, or they're busy adhering to some sort of ideological concept without regard for the real world.

I tend to think that's a bigger deal overall than whether or not there's a lot of concern among middle-aged and older politicians about student loan debt among millenials.