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Originally Posted by kirkrapine View Post
How are you so bombarded? Serious question. Is it just a general cultural zeitgeist thing, that you could get from your penny-seeking subordinates/coworkers, or is somebody actively trying to send you that message?
I get it from work, family, and friends. Work, because it's cultural, right; after all, you're of course you want to be a director some day.

Family and friends are a bit different, in particular, the ones with lower income. The difference between my brother's income and mine is about 100% I'd guess. For some, a 10% pay raise would mean the opportunity to see even more Detroit Tigers games or attend even more Prowlers' hockey games. This would make him and his wife a lot more comfortable.

When I tell him I could spend a weekend working at a plant in Chicago and gross an absurd amount of "bonus" money, and that I don't want to do it, I'm just crazy. You see, I don't spend money on sports, cabins up north, boats, etc., and I max out my savings (401(k), Roth for wife and me, 529 for little one), and have very little left over for things he things are fun. If only I'd spend my weekends working, I could have as much fun as he has!

Joke's on me if I die before retirement, though.