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COPA Report Concludes CPD Officer Patrick Kelly Shot Friend Michael LaPorta, Lied About It For Nearly 10 Years

Too weird.

Kelly says that 10 years ago, his friend, whom had been out drinking with, came back to Kelly's home and then shot himself in the head with Kelly's gun.

Chicago cops don't really buy it, but since the friend, LaPorta, had several brain surgeries and could not speak and could not contradict Kelly. (I guess he could not communicate at all)

But now he can speak, says he was not suicidal and did NOT shoot himself. Says Kelly was acting out in a fit, had punched his dog and was brandishing his gun. He doesn't remember being shot, but had told Kelly he was leaving.

In 2014, while on duty, Kelly is accused of wrongfully shooting Hector Hernandez to death. A year earlier in 2013, he was accused of wrongfully using a Taser on Elaina Turner, who was pregnant.
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