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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
It's a poor proxy. A kid whose parents went to Harvard and Yale and who went to Phillips Andover is going to be a lot more likely to get in that a kid who went to a local "great" private school that's only 100 years old and whose parents went to state schools--even if household incomes are similar.

The feeder school bump is real. It's expected that 30% or more of each class will be accepted by an Ivy League school (no one is tracking admittance to other highly selectives, but I imagine it tracks). The party line is just that since they are great schools, they have great kids and it's all a perfect meritocracy, but I've spoken to admissions officers who will tell you differently. The presence of these kids significantly distorts the perception of how easy it is for white kids to get into highly selectives.
I agree that there are a bunch of factors that weigh in the white applicant's favor. The study corrected for legacy, athletics, extracurriculars. If you are basically saying that the 4 fold advantage that white students hold over asian students is primarily due to the number of white students coming from feeder schools, I'd have to ask for a cite that shows how white Andover graduates have higher acceptance rates than asians with similar scores, extracurriculars, athletic prferences and legacy status.

My understanding was that Andover was a feeder school because so many of the kids there are legacies, engage in inaccessible sports like crew and sailing, and are screened by the Andover admission process. I didn't think you got an extra 400% bump because you went to Andover.