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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
It seems odd to me to focus on elite university admission rates when the evidence is consistent across a variety of other fields. We can argue about whether one, or two, or a dozen specific universities have practice that harms Asians, but the data is quite clear that discriminatory practices that harms Asians is prevalent across a much wider and larger scale.
It's a hot button issue for asians. It's not like we don't know that there is racism elsewhere. We see it at every level above middle management in corporate america. We see it when professors are granted tenure, we see it on dating apps and pornography, we see it in how teachers treat our kids. But a lot of asians sort of grit their teeth and grind through it because they think that their kids can get into a good college and have a better life. So when you start to take away their dream of a better life for their kids, it really bugs them.

I have never seen asians more politically active and motivated than they are now. And they are starting to move away from the Democrats.