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My doctor ordered a Cologuard test to be sent to my home after my appointment with him last month. I received a letter last week from Exact Sciences requesting me to call their number regarding information they needed from me. I called and they told me they were missing my doctor's signature, and they needed it before they could send me my test kit.

I called my doctors office this morning and told the receptionist I needed the doctor's signature. She asked me, "For what kind of test?"

"For a Cologuard test." "What's that? Can you spell it?"

I spelled it and said, it's to detect colon cancer. Then she asked where it should be sent to. I told her, Exact Sciences and that the doctor would know, since he's the one who ordered it for me.

I thought everyone was familiar with the Cologuard test, especially from all of those commercials with the talking box. It boggles the mind that someone who works in a doctor's office wouldn't know what a Cologuard test is.