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Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
Revenue generation. Avoid driving through that town if at all possible.
I got a revenue generating ticket driving through Mt Lebanon (near Pittsburgh) once. The ticket was for speeding, but I had pretty good proof that I wasn't speeding, so I fought it.
I had a receipt with time stamp from purchasing gas down the road from the VASCAR speed trap. I went back to the gas station when there was no speed trap and tried repeatedly to get my old Toyota Tercel up to the speed that was measured, and no matter how hard I pushed the car going up the hill from the gas station, I was always at least 10 mph slower than my measured speed. I assumed officer or mechanical error.

I took a day off work and brought my 4 year old daughter along for a "civics lesson". The court's waiting room was crowded with locals who were ticketed for wrong side of the street parking. They all had five dollar bills in their hands, along with $80 tickets. The routine was, plead guilty and get a reduced fine of $5.

The locals warned me that I'd be found guilty, no matter what, since I was from out of town, and they were correct. When I presented my evidence, the judge freaked out on me; saying that I came into his town driving like a maniac, endangered their children, then called his police officers liars. I was found guilty.

Afterwards the police officer found me in the hallway and apologized. She told me she believed my testimony and felt bad about the situation. She was new on the force and I was only her second speeding ticket. She explained how she thought she'd screwed up the device. She then offered to let my daughter come out to her car and play with the lights/siren, so all was not lost.