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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
You know what word doesn't show up at all in Stevens' dissent.


He, and I, never once said Heller overturned precedent. There is a world of difference between overturning precedent and misreading and mistakenly distinguishing precedent. Which is what the majority opinion did.

I get that you want to make it seem like Heller wasn't a shift in the interpretation of the Second Amendment, but it is.
"Overturned" was a poor word choice on my part. The operative phrase was "contrary to precedent" which is the line of discussion that I took issue with. In that sense, I'm not seeing much of a distinction, but I would continue to say that nothing in Heller was contrary to precedent as you asserted in post #252. Heller did carve new ground and made certain things more explicit of course.