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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Everyone thinks that their morals should be law, and it would be a very bad thing if people didn't think that. The problems you're referring to arise because some people's morals are wrong, and people with wrong morals cause problems even if they haven't managed to get them codified into law.

There should be laws against murder, because murder is morally wrong. There should not be laws against gay marriage, because gay marriage is not morally wrong. The people who think that gay marriage is morally wrong are incorrect.

(That's right, Gah.)

You speak as though there is 1) objective morality, and 2) what's objectively moral is obvious to all (except a handful of deviants maybe). I strongly disagree with both these ideas.

The notion that morals should be law is fraught with peril, for reasons that should be obvious when I point out that about half of our lawmakers have moral systems that are the diametric opposite of everything you value.

The reason that murder should be illegal is because rampant unpunished murder is bad for society. The reason that gay marriage should be legal is because gay marriage is not bad for society. Legislating from morality is how you lose gay marriage, not gain it.