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Originally Posted by kirkrapine View Post
There's a lot of anti-GMO feeling among self-ID'd environmentalists.
I have this funny feeling that a lot of people that are anti-GMO are confusing GMOs with organic food. At my store we sell food and I'll bet that half the time someone asks if something or another is GMO and I say that it very well could be (since it's not labeled as non-GMO) they'll reply with 'ok, I don't want it then, I don't like all those chemicals in my food'. Depending on how the conversation feels at that point, I'll try to explain that something labeled as non-GMO doesn't say anything about the use of fertilizers or pesticides and that they're likely looking for organic.

Similarly, people will mention something about the products we carry from a local 'gluten free' bakery. On more than once occasion, when I explain that the bakery isn't gluten free it's vegan, they ask me what the difference is.
That, to me, says a lot. That tells me that people aren't actually comprehending (or even really reading) all these things, they're just blindly buying them because they're told they're better for you.

I always like Bill Nye's response to "If something is a GMO, should it be labeled as such", to which he says "Yes, they should be labeled, they should say 'Proudly GMO'"