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Brexit, if it happens, would arguably make Scottish independence less viable, at least in economic terms. Scotland voted to stay in the UK last time, and a big part of that was the independence campaign's inability to answer questions about what the effect would be on trade and existing financial arrangements with entities in the rest of the UK. And that was under the assumption that Scotland and the rUK would still be in the EU single market, meaning that frictionless cross-border trade would continue more or less as it had done before.

If the UK is no longer in the single market, Scottish independence only gets more difficult, economically. An independent Scotland would have no assurance of unfettered access to what had hitherto been by far its most important external market. Forget the impact of Brexit on the UK -- Scotland leaving the UK "single market" would be, relatively speaking, a much bigger deal.

You only have to look at the SNP's stance. If they thought that Brexit would make Scottish independence more likely, they'd probably be tacitly encouraging it, or keeping their own counsel. In fact, they are strongly against it.