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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
All evidence? Note that the UN had announced that after Desert Storm , a lot of WMD were missing*, that Saddam used nerve gas on his own people, and that he announced he was rebuilding him WMD program.

Now, it's true that after the US threatened invasion, so SH let the UN back in and the UN went in and couldnt find anything- then there was grave doubts and no reason to invade, but certainly up until then the smart money would have been that SH had WMD.

*most were found , after SH was taken down, rusting and lost in the desert.
No, "all evidence" is correct. Prior to the the inspection teams going back into Iraq, (after the removal of the U.S. spies--Hussein never kicked the UN out, the UN withdrew its teams when it was seen that they were compromised), there was a suspicion that Iraq still had WMD, but in the six months prior to the invasion, NO evidence was discovered and a lot of administration lies were outed. Even the rusted, rotting weapons found in the desert had clearly been lost or abandoned long before HWB tried to drum up his war.