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Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
I have this funny feeling that a lot of people that are anti-GMO are confusing GMOs with organic food. At my store we sell food and I'll bet that half the time someone asks if something or another is GMO and I say that it very well could be (since it's not labeled as non-GMO) they'll reply with 'ok, I don't want it then, I don't like all those chemicals in my food'. Depending on how the conversation feels at that point, I'll try to explain that something labeled as non-GMO doesn't say anything about the use of fertilizers or pesticides and that they're likely looking for organic.
You should also ask them if they're okay with organic fertilizers, pesticides & fungicides being used to grow the organic food, just to be fair. Might be tricky if they're not, though, as then they're going to have to find food grown without any chemicals at all, which is real tricky these days.