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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
The filibuster didn't really get used until 2007 when the democrats obtained control of the senate. Usage doubled.

Neither party wants to get rid of it, because the grip on power is fleeting and neither side wants to lose the ability to obstruct when they lose power in a few years. In the last 30 years we've gone from democratic control of both houses and the executive, to GOP control of it all, back to democratic control, then republican control of it all, and after 2020 we may be looking at democratic control of it all again.

And its a safe bet the GOP will regain control of it all within a few years of that. People don't seem to like one party in charge for too long, so they vote too much for the other side and then it all starts again.
McConnell is probably scared of opening that Pandora's Box because, like someone else already said, the filibuster benefits Republicans more than Democrats. I hope we take the Senate and nuke the shit out of every conceivable option.