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Originally Posted by doreen View Post
It's very common for agencies to have polices that the officer cannot void the summons once it is written. Perhaps in some states it's a law. I assume that even in those places officer can void a ticket if he/she made a clerical error in writing it out - but then it will be obvious that the next ticket was issued to the same person/vehicle.
I understand about voiding a citation once written, but my argument was, if PC existed to issue it, then facts that came into evidence on the scene that abrogated that PC, when the officer files it under the criminal or traffic rules, isn't that perjury and violates DP?

I'm not speaking of any favoritism or such to a fellow officers family, etc.

If an officer has PC to arrest and does so, then before the trip downtown, PC is voided by evidence, (let's assume arguendo this to be factually true), if the officer stiil makes the full arrest, that violates the 4th AM.