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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
I agree that there are a bunch of factors that weigh in the white applicant's favor. The study corrected for legacy, athletics, extracurriculars. If you are basically saying that the 4 fold advantage that white students hold over asian students is primarily due to the number of white students coming from feeder schools, I'd have to ask for a cite that shows how white Andover graduates have higher acceptance rates than asians with similar scores, extracurriculars, athletic prferences and legacy status.

My understanding was that Andover was a feeder school because so many of the kids there are legacies, engage in inaccessible sports like crew and sailing, and are screened by the Andover admission process. I didn't think you got an extra 400% bump because you went to Andover.
You're assuming feeder schools are equally open to Asian applicants.

It's not just Andover. There's a couple dozen or more. They have insanely high acceptance rates at top colleges. Yes, there's a lot of overlap with other things, like legacy and sports, but lots of "great" public schools have crew teams too--and they don't send 35% of their class to HYPSM. You are vastly underestimating how corrupt and unfair this system is.

I don't have a cite. I have the same evidence you do for what "Asians" are saying about these things. You're involved in that community. This is my community. The relationships between some of the feeder schools and the highly selective colleges are, in some cases, older than this country. It's like lobbyists and bureaucrats--being an admissions officer is a young person's game. The goal is to go from there to being a private counselor at one of these schools. Your relationship with the people you leave behind are your dowry.

Also, to be really clear, the Feeder School kids absolutely have the stats, the achievements, the personal qualities it takes to get into the schools they go to. But so do, say, the strongest 10 kids at the top 300 public schools in the country, and the strongest 1 or 2 kids at the top 500 public schools in the country. But take that pool of 3000 kids and compare it to the 3000 graduating in the top half of feeder schools, and there will be no comparison about who gets into the highly selective Universities. Legacy and sports helps--but it's not just that.

I will tell you that an Upper Middle Class Nice White Kid with wonderful but generic accomplishments is a drag on the market. In my pretty extensive experience, they are exactly as hard to place in the highly selectives as an Asian kid with similar stats. In both cases, it's nearly impossible. It's in the range that you could have a 400% difference that was basically meaningless, because 1/10,000 and 4/10,000 pretty much is the same for the individual.

As far as PSAT recruiting, I'm comfortable saying that's bullshit and racist, but I don't think it has anything to do with who they want at their school: it's harvesting applications. It may be they just think Asian kids with a 1350 on the PSAT are savvy enough to know there's no point in applying to Harvard.