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Originally Posted by Ethilrist View Post
You should also ask them if they're okay with organic fertilizers, pesticides & fungicides being used to grow the organic food, just to be fair. Might be tricky if they're not, though, as then they're going to have to find food grown without any chemicals at all, which is real tricky these days.
I'm not trying to start an argument with anyone, just trying to educate them a little bit. Or more specifically, clear up a misunderstanding they appear to have. If they don't know the difference between vegan and gluten-free or think GMOs don't have any chemicals on them (and they seem to be thinking of organic). And, I'm trying to convey it all in just a sentence or two. IOW, if they want the produce that "isn't sprayed with all those nasty chemicals", they want organic corn, not the corn that's genetically modified to be resistant to Round Up.