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How do you wake up given 'enough' sleep?

Hello all,

I've been messing with my sleep timing to try to wake up better and get out of bed faster. I'm wondering what you guys feel like when waking up when you get what you believe to be enough sleep.

I'm asking because I've been trying to get more sleep so that I don't wake up as poorly but I still wake up super tired after what seems like it should be enough sleep. I've varied between 6-9 hours of sleep and even at 9 I wake up pretty tired. Although significantly less tired than 6 hours. It seems like up to about 7 and a half hours there are very significant diminishing returns on more sleep.

I should mention that given 10 hours of sleep I wake up fine with just some grogginess. So I can wake up nicely but 10 hours is a little excessive.

I'm mostly just trying to figure out if my expectations are too high and waking up pretty tired is just a fact of being stuck in a human body. Or if other people can wake up easily when given (reasonably) enough sleep. I couldn't think of a better place to ask than here.