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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
But in reality, if concealed-carry becomes common, you could have a dozen carriers in a crowded mall/theater/etc. Some of them might be competent, but some of them are likely to be idiots. Adding idiots with guns to an active-shooter scenario could make things even worse -- far, far worse, possibly. Even if it's only competent folks, it would still be almost impossible for a competent armed person to determine who among the dozen-other strangers around them with guns is the "bad" one, and if a single one makes a mistake that could make the situation much, much worse again.
How much more prevalent does concealed carry have to be for you to consider it common? In 41 states, there is either shall issue or constitutional carry such that most of the population in the country is in an area where carry is available. This takes the same form as scare tactics before shall issue was widely adopted - presenting potential doom and gloom scenarios that have not come to pass. First it was gunfights over parking spots, and now it's mahem during mass shootings.


As to the thread - I don't think it's necessary to make a binary assessment most of the time. No one really pushes a binary assessment, but when reducing down to a digestible sound byte, the good guy/bad guy dichotomy is easy shorthand.

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