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Originally Posted by Abatis View Post
I am arguing obverse of what you say there . . . I argue that the the 2nd Amendment stands entirely on the inviolate, perpetual existence of the fundamental principles of the Constitution.

You are the one arguing that the 2nd Amendment is a red-headed step child that has no hereditary linkage to the rest of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Your argument is that the 2ndA was nothing but a Trojan Horse, sneaking in federal powers when they were supposed to be prohibited, to dictate to the states and the people just who shall be the approved arms bearers, and to override any state's bill of rights provision holding out their individual citizens as possessing a right to keep and bear arms.
No. I'm arguing that the 2nd A has outlived its usefulness and should be dumped into the dustbin of history. Because it does not live up to it's intended purpose and because it's purpose has been entirely co-opted by those who either don't give a damn about its original intent or are delusional in that it still serves its original intent.

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SMH. . . No, I'm saying that the left's hostility for the RKBA and the 2nd Amendment will furnish the legal premise to argue that the penumbral rights theory is a myth because a right that is a link in the "rational continuum" of liberty the Bill of Rights represents, can be cut out . . . Thus the premise for penumbral rights was never true.

Penumbral rights theory demands the "rational continuum" remain inviolate and pristine.
I dismiss your boogeyman legal premise thus.

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Which can be said for any person's vote predicated on any politician's position on any public policy that the voter believes is of primary importance to them. Have you ever voted for a candidate that you agreed with on everything?
I'm not a single issue voter. I tend to vote for the person with whom I agree with on a large majority of key issues. I especially avoid casting my vote for a candidates who have shown themselves to be incompetent, bigoted, pathological liars.
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