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Originally Posted by Uzi
Far more important. A voter decides who is elected. Morons shouldn't be allowed near a voting booth. As most young people are not much smarter than that they probably shouldn't be allowed, either. So, if the age limit for President is 35, then no one younger than that should be allowed to vote for them.
I'm hoping you were tongue in cheek here. The trouble is, who decides who is or isn't a 'moron'...and based on what criteria? Basically, any free citizen should be able to vote as long as they are competent enough to show up and get a ballot and make their mark.

Holding office, however, is another matter. While I, personally, don't think we should put a formal age limit on anyone (aside from 18 on the bottom end, and I could be convinced even that isn't necessary), the fact is that elected office is a lot more stressful than going to the voting booth to select your candidate(s) and positions. It's also defused over a larger population. Your 90 year old voter isn't making THE crucial decision as to who is going to be elected...s/he is part of a collective of 10's of thousands, 100's of thousands or even millions making a collective decision. On the flip side, the guy or gal who wins has that all on their shoulders (well, and whatever staff they select), so it's a much greater burden.

Like I said, I don't, personally think we should have or need some sort of formal age limit for candidates or even appointments. That should be up to the voters and part of their calculus of decision making (such as it is) for who they select. But it's kind of ridiculous to say that if there was, that the same would apply to the voters too, as it's apples to orangutans.

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