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Originally Posted by filmore View Post
We've drifted into talking about assault, but my original gym comment was made in a different thread talking about sexual assault on women. Even if overall assault risk is the same for the genders, the risk of sexual assault is not the same for the genders. From this report, "91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female, and 9% are male". From that, I'm assuming that means the risk of sexual assault in a parking lot is 9x higher for a woman than a man.
Even assuming risk is evenly distributed in all contexts, you still don't know the absolute risk--just that one is higher.

It could be that the risk for men is 1 in 20 and the risk for women is 9 in 20.

Or it could be the risk for men is 1 in 200 and the risk for women is 9 in 200

Or it could be the risk for men is 1 in 2 million and the risk for women is 9 in 2 million.

You're deciding that WHATEVER the absolute risk, precautions are appropriate for women and not needed for men. You're willing to significantly curtail my freedoms and expand yours based on your "personal experience" . You put the line between "men" and "women", even though in the second scenario, men are at higher risk than women in the third scenario.

And this is the exact same argument for telling me not to go out after dark, not to work late, not to travel alone, not to be alone with male co-workers. Those things are also somewhat more risky for a woman--undeniably. Should I refrain from them?

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