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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
How did she ever get elected governor of Alaska, anyway?
Circumstance and a pretty face. She had been a member of Governor Murkowski's administration, but was fired for exposing some shenanigans within her department. She used that to cultivate a "maverick" image and was elected mayor of Wasilla. Murkowski, a 26 year veteran of the U.S. Senate, managed to become one of the least popular governors in the entire country in three short years, mainly because of his arrogance and incompetence. Palin saw opportunity and went after him, parlaying her looks and maverick reputation into a win.

It didn't take long for that all to go sour, of course. She was a dismal governor and a vindictive bitch to those who she felt had ever wronged her. Her husband set up shop in the administration and began going through personnel records to find dirt on police officers and others. Had McCain done much better vetting on her, all of this would have been revealed, and he would have known what a willfully ignorant person she really is.