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Originally Posted by filmore View Post
We've drifted into talking about assault, but my original gym comment was made in a different thread talking about sexual assault on women. Even if overall assault risk is the same for the genders, the risk of sexual assault is not the same for the genders. From this report, "91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female, and 9% are male". From that, I'm assuming that means the risk of sexual assault in a parking lot is 9x higher for a woman than a man.
You're the one saying that it's far riskier for women to not be aware of their surroundings because women are at far more risk of assault than men are.

Men who are physically assaulted can be seriously injured or even killed. As the risk overall of being assaulted is the same, why are you specifically saying that it's far riskier for women than for men to look at their phones instead of continuously looking around at their surroundings?