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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
Well, I definitely think that this qualifies as stupid gun news.

I love San Francisco. My wife's originally from there, and we visit at least a couple of times a year. But lots of people in that city are fantastic at meaningless, pointless posturing, and this is a perfect example. They have a massive homeless crisis, housing affordability is a nightmare, and they're more interested in a gesture that does almost nothing but express outrage. About the only concrete part of this resolution is a section that aims to deny city contracts to organizations with ties to the NRA, and that will almost certainly be found to violate the Constitution.
It's already a pain in the ass for a vendor to be 'approved' by the City, what with the stupid hoops through which a company is supposed to jump to be allowed to exchange things for money with CCSF. This makes a lot of purchases more costly than is another entity made the purchase.

And it is ultimately meaningless. If someone is the sole source for repair parts or tech support, and that source does not care to provide same-sex benefits to all worldwide employees, then we use resellers. Who perform one function- after being approved by the City, they may now buy whatever we need from whoever has it, then resell it to the City- at greatly increased markup.

So, yes, stupid posturing is all this is. And the City will be paying legal fees to defend this posturing. SMH.