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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post

Check into your current lease; it may allow you to go month-to-month once the lease is up. That would give you a bit more flexibility.
In many states, after an lease has expired, the arrangements can continue on a month-to-month basis as long as both parties agree. FILB, speak to your landlord about your situation; most are perfectly willing to continue having a good tenant indefinitely IME.

For instance, I rented a house for 15.5 years before I bought my house but I only ever signed a lease twice. When the first expired, we just continued under those terms. 8 or 9 years later, my landlord was trying to secure a loan and he needed a new lease to show the creditors, so we signed a new one. That one held for the next 7.5 years, despite expiring after just a year.

I paid the rent on time and handled minor repairs myself (sending him the bill for materials, natch); landlords love renters they can trust. I even gave him 60 days notice when I was leaving, even tho I only had to give him 30 days notice. He was good to me (decent, cheap house) and I tried to be good to him; it worked well for both of us.

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