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Originally Posted by pullin View Post
Thanks for that info. I didn't know there was a large price difference. Like jz78817 above, the concept has been mostly incomprehensible to me. I had viewed it as "renting out a spare room to strangers" and was puzzled why either homeowners or renters would want this. I guess like most news, we only hear about the bad experiences.
I use Airbnb (or similar services) two or three times a year. It's great. I don't rent out a single room in a house people are living in, I'm renting out really, really nice houses for long weekends and vacations. The places I've stayed at are strictly rental properties. Nobody lives there regularly. Usually it's me and about half a dozen friends who are doing a weekend getaway kind of thing, so the out-of-pocket price is pretty reasonable, even for a really big place near the water, or up in the woods, or other really desirable locations.

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