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When I was at Intel in the mid-90s there was a whole bunch of people who drew the detailed circuits, laying them out to be as compact as possible. Five years later when I moved into the microprocessor group at Sun that job no longer existed, replaced by CAD tools.
There are still people who do the detailed layout of cells in a library, but these people didn't do that.
In the analogue audio business PCB layout is still done by hand, as there are layout constraints that digital-focused auto-place and auto-routing software does not incorporate. It's done on a computer of course, I don't mean we're still using black-tape-on-plastic.

What has gone is the job of PCB assembler; I worked in a plant where 200 women (and they were always women) pushed components into PCBs. Almost all gone now. First there were auto-insertion machines that stuffed components into holes, now most stuff is surface-mount and it's even faster.

Even before that, automated soldering had replaced women soldering each joint by hand.