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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
The big ones are:
  • Housing segregation and discrimination
  • Transportation networks designed during the height of white flight
  • Household wealth disparities
  • Racially-segregated job markets

These are both the product of past racist practices and ongoing racist practices.

For a while one hypothesis was just that people self-segregate because they prefer living near people like them. But it turns out if you give people vouchers to move and help them overcome discriminatory housing processes then they pretty readily move to places with much higher economic and educational opportunity.
I know of no such thing as housing segregation and discrimination based upon what? Color? Because as far as I know, the color of money is king (assuming you have a decent credit history and not a bad rap as far as damage to previous rental property etc)
No clue on your second point
Household wealth isn't racist
What job markets are racially segregated?

I am really trying to understand how these issues are primarily racially motivated, but all I see is class. The poor downtrodden folks can't be asked to pick themselves up. If they can't pick themselves up, how can society expect them to pick the kids (That they shouldn't have had) up as well.

Vouchers might well help a certain section of those folks, the ones who actually do care. What about the rest of them? Can't kick them out of school, what do you think those schools turn into?
They turn into parking lots because the ones that don't care won't go to school.