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Your own cite notes that blacks are more likely than whites to be working multiple jobs. The "very few people" works out to very nearly a million African-Americans. (There is also some evidence that the Current Population Survey undercounts the number of people working in the informal economy, although this point is disputed, so there may well be some additional number who work a regular job and also drive for Uber or clean houses or have some other gig.)

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Then I would say that the black families don't really care all that much regardless of what they answer to on a questionnaire. You MAKE the time for your kids. THEY are YOUR responsibility
If making time for your kids means the rent doesn't get paid this month, are your kids better off? For example, do you make time for the parent-teacher conference or the PTA meeting, even if it means losing several hours or a full day's wages?

Sure, it's easy to say that you shouldn't have kids if you don't have enough time and money. However, the kids are already here; you have to deal with the situation as it exists, not as you would like it to be.

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Adoptions can benefit. Even wards of the state can benefit (if you assume that governmental employees provide real benefits).
Where are you expecting to find these adoptive parents, or committed social workers? News flash: the foster care system in most US states is chronically underfunded. Here in Kansas, for example, (and we're not the most overstressed system) it's part of the new normal for foster kids to spend the night in the offices of the state foster care contractors, simply because there's no other place to put them. If you are willing to support greatly increased funding for foster care and adoption support, then sure, the system can be a lot better. However, that money could also be used in the school system and in the social welfare system, to help more kids stay out of foster care in the first place.