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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
One idea is an alternative high school. In our district it is called Horizons Academy.

In a neighboring district it is called Blue Valley Academy.

When I was student teaching the "bad" kids could go to class but had to get a form signed in each class that they 1. came to class on time. 2. brought materials. 3. worked. 4. didnt cause trouble. This form was reviewed by staff and sent home to parents every week. If that didnt work out it was ISS all day and if that didnt work out then you had suspensions out of school. Kids that get OSS can still take work home.

So in that case, if a kid wanted to get kicked out, they had to really try and do it. Some did. But they were not allowed to run the school like we see in some areas.
I've posted this here before, but I'm going to say again that the alternative "school" in my old town did not have lesson plans or take attendance, and the people I knew who worked there (and they all had their own reasons for doing so) believed (among other things) that mandatory sterilization was a condition for admission to the school - not just the kid, either. Their parents, if they could be located, and siblings as well. I told that story to a woman I know who works as a regular HS teacher in the city where I now live, and she told me that the alt-schools here have stricter rules than the regular schools, so the kids won't clamor to go there.