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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I will be going month-to-month after my lease is up. I'm not counting on exact timing there, just hoping for sometime after my 1-year lease is up. VERY SOON after it is up would be preferred, of course.

MAMA ZAPPA, the multifocus implants sound like the coolest sort of sci-fi. My insurance wouldn't pay for it, though. I expect you paid for the lens upgrade yourself. Nice, though. Overall, my vision is bright and colorful, though I get a bit of weirdness from light hitting the edges of the lens, as I understand it. It's supposed to diminish with time.

I'm about a week from my consult with my surgeon. Not looking forward to the ordeal that will be. Hope I can get my SSI straightened around and they will do what their website seems to say - pay me for 3 months while I'm in the hospital or rehab. That's essential to my keeping my apartment. Don't think I'll have the money to get a new place if I lose this one. If I get the new place, it will enable me to save more for emergencies.

My friend has responded to verbal commands yesterday. He opens his eyes (somewhat, according to his wife), and can move his feet. He touched his chest with his right hand, and then his left hand, when directed to. Bilateral movement, understands and responds to verbal commands. It's a promising start.