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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan View Post
I await further data. But would in the meantime counsel people desiring to get off tobacco to stick with traditional nicotine gum or patches along with peer support.
Those aren't particularly useful either though, are they?
Yes and no.

Truth is, there are NO highly effective methods for getting off any form of addiction. The success rate, even for the most effective methods, is under 20% per attempt. Which is why addicts typically need multiple attempts to quit before they finally do so for good, and why relapses are so common.

Nictoine gum and patches are, at present, two of the more effective means to end a tobacco addiction. Their success rate, per attempt, is still under 20%. There are other methods that are even worse than that.

Treating addiction is hard. There are no quick and easy fixes.