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Originally Posted by bump View Post
Newspapers used to be nearly ubiquitous- you'd find them, or parts of them everywhere- waiting rooms, bus/train stops, bathrooms, pretty much anywhere had to spend any amount of time would probably have that day's newspaper handy. And people would read them

While I still see people getting the paper in their yard, seeing them elsewhere in the wild is almost non-existent these days. As a matter of fact, when my sons were born, I had to go HUNT down newspaper copies of the day they were born (in case they're curious when they're older), while in years prior to that, it would have been a matter of just picking one up at a machine, convenience store, gas station, etc...
Must depend on where you are. They're still all over the place here; maybe somewhat less so than they used to be, but I see them for sale in drugstores, gas stations, groceries, etc. all the time.