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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
Remind me again: what would the penalty be if Boris Johnson fails to ask for an extension?
Depending on what you read, anything from nothing to indefinite imprisonment. If he stays as PM, and a court orders him to follow the law, and all appeals are exhausted by 19th October, and he still refuses to request the extension, he may well then be in contempt of court. In that case, we have a constitutional crisis.

Should it happen differently, for example if he resigns as PM or if the law gets tied up in legal wrangling for long enough, the consequences to him will probably be entirely political, in that he will have to seek election when the public knows he's done these things. There's a significant amount of voters who will think he's a hero if we do leave the EU by 31st October, sadly.

The penalty for the country is that we're utterly fucked, we either leave the EU without a deal, we have a Government that's even less functional than currently, or both.

My prediction - Boris finds a way to not ask for an extension, we crash out without a deal, and there's an election where he ends up leading another minority government. And the UK pretty much collapses.