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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Where? You seem to think that literally everywhere a woman goes is more dangerous for her than the most dangerous places in America are for a man. And woman after woman after woman has said that their experience with assault were NOT doing these things that "common sense" says are too dangerous.
The part in bold is false. As to where, I would welcome data which said where the risk factors are the greatest. If overall the risk is 9x higher for women than men, some places will be higher, some places will be lower. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some places where the risk is higher for men than women.

Are your daughters now adults? If one of them said she was working late, would you tell her not to do that, if the parking lot will be dark? If one had to travel alone on business, would you tell her she should tell her boss that's not safe for her and someone else should go? If one of them was jogging in her sleepy suburb after dark, would you buy her a gym membership because it didn't feel safe to you? If one of them was moving and wanted to drive herself 6 or 8 hours away, would you insist she take someone with her?
They're still in school. If she was working late, I wouldn't tell her anything, but I would hope she would be more cautious when walking to the parking lot as any person should be. If she traveled alone, I wouldn't have any problem with that. If she was jogging alone, it would probably depend on the area as to how concerned I might be. If she wanted to drive alone, I wouldn't have any problem with it.